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44 pages 

170 gsm 

20 colour illustrations 

220 x 280 x 8 mm 


1. Edition 12/2018

Published by Butchers Hook Books, London, 2018.

Itinerant photographers were an accepted part of English street life in the late 1800's and the early 1900's. Part of the Victorian floating world of peddlers, tinkers and travelling entertainers, their sitters were photographed in temporary, jerry-built studios that were set up in divers places throughout the UK.

Influenced by these early travelling practitioners, from 2009 until 2017 Jason Wilde’s Free Portrait Studio was assembled 51 times in a variety of venues in and around the London Borough of Camden. Visitors to those venues, that included a doctors surgery, a hospital, a library and two pubs, were then invited to have their portrait made in return for a free A4 black and white print.

2224 people accepted that invitation helping me create an important and unique visual archive that is equal parts English history, cultural anthropology and human narrative. 

JWFPS 02 is the second in a series of magazines that aims to explore the JWFPS portrait archive. 

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