Jason Wilde



‘Vera & John’ was featured in the 2017 sumer issue of Source, the Photographic review; on BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms show on Friday 17th February and in the Guardian on Saturday 28th January. Photomonitor also interviewed me about the project in July 2017.

  • “A moving and important project” Greg Hobson
  • “A wonderful project with my 3 favourite L’s - language, love and London” Karen McQuaid, curator, the Photographers Gallery
  • “Probably the sweetest, funniest book published so far this year”.
  • “Truly lovely, the bits of life and love that get forgotten”.
  • “A fab potrait of family life. Written on the back of everyday envelopes, Vera leaves notes to John. Funny, ordinary, addictive & touching!”
  • “I laughed out loud at the note about the barbecue bar! Brilliant idea for a book”.
  • “Absolutely wonderful. The whole thing made me smile—a lot”.
  • “Thank god there’s always the real world. It has become so easy to forget that”.
  • “Lovely idea for a book. We should all do this. Before we self delete. Is there a way to save and print our texts?”
  • “Absolutely, Beautiful Idea. Beautiful Life”.
  • “Your history, our history, London ‘istory”
  • “Anyone who can’t see the warmth and family values I feel sort of sad for. This is real family lucky for them”.
  • “Vera & John - a reminder that life, like love, is in the little things!”
  • “Delighted to receive my copy! Thank you and well done to Jason Wilde I couldn’t wait to read it and it brought tears to my eyes as I thought about the notes on scrap paper that me and my mum and dad used to communicate with before mobile phones! Wish I’d kept them”
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