Jason Wilde

Seaside: Photographed Exhibition

Seaside: Photographed has opened at the Turner Contemporary in Margate. It’s a really great show put together over 4 years by a fantastic team of Val Williams and Karen Shepherdson with help from the staff of the Turner. Im proper chuffed to be included in with some amazing photographers and their divers photo projects and archives which are curated in a way that allows each project to tell its own story and also be part of the larger narrative of the British seaside over the last 170 odd years. For fans of photography, history, the seaside and how we live. Visit Margate folks! The show is on till Sun 8 Sep 2019. I’m defo going back for another look. 

One of my favourite projects in the show is a series of Ferrotypes made in the 1880’s. These images were of visitors to the seaside taken by ‘bodgers and smudgers’, kind of itinerant photographers who made a living visiting seaside towns with their makeshift portrait studios. Wonderful and powerful photos that had special resonance as these so called ‘bodgers and smudgers’ were a major influence for Jason Wilde’s Free Portrait Studio. Another major influence on my project was Daniel Meadows, whose images were on the opposite wall to my photographs.

What a loverly surprise to turn the corner from the front entrance and see this lot. Heres a link to below images on this site

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